Customer focus

Customer centrality is understood as the company's ability to forge long-term relationships with its customers and to work together to achieve positive market results based on satisfying their specific needs. It is a crucial asset for ensuring strong business relationships are formed, or, in other words, that the company development is really sustainable over time.

In the three years from 2013 - 2015, teams of marketing specialists and sales people met customers at the Headquarters and numerous Group locations throughout the world, reflecting a continuing commitment to listening to customer needs and researching the solutions best suited to satisfying them.
Meetings held384363
Visitors total110013101586
External visitors96811801309

The Global Conference

One particularly important event for sharing objectives and business strategies with customers and reflecting on the company's development guidelines is the Global Conference, which is organised by Valagro every three years. Since its inception, the event has provided a crucial moment of encounter and dialogue with the Group's customers worldwide. It is an opportunity to exchange ideas together on the global macro-trends within agriculture and the major themes of innovation, scientific research and sustainability, and to hear their voices and experiences and better understand their real needs. The latest edition of the Global Conference took place in May 2015 in Milan, the site of the Expo. This served as an important sign of the Valagro Group's desire to contribute to the debate on the global challenge of ensuring sufficient food for the growing world population, in line with the main theme of the Expo, "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life". One distinctive feature of the latest edition of the Global Conference was the involvement and active participation of customers. The event included a training day featuring workshops organised around the logic of the clusters adopted by the Expo (tropical crops, vegetables, fruit and industrial crops). Within these thematic areas, customers spoke out about their needs and outlined some of the main issues relating to the crops discussed in the workshops, for which Valagro has been able - and will continue - to provide effective and innovative solutions. 

The Knowledge Management System (KMS)

The 2013 - 2015 three year period was characterised by the emergence of innovative instruments that enabled the company to fully implement the principle of customer centrality.

First of all, the adoption of an integrated information management system, or Knowledge Management System (KMS), as of December 2014 makes it possible to create a virtuous circle between customer needs and product development.
The system includes a new corporate intranet area entirely dedicated to the collection and management of market information. This virtual space was created with the objective of managing the core business knowledge flows, encouraging the collection of information from the region in a participatory, shared manner, with internal processing and redistribution targeted at different company roles, and the technical and sales staff offering advice to customers in particular. As evidenced by the slogan "Your need, our solution", the KMS helps to obtain a clearer idea of the needs of farmers and distributors, building more and more customised solutions for specific situations and for the specific problems encountered.
The implementation of the KMS can have a significant impact on the company, in terms of an overall increase in the efficiency of the entire corporate structure. This ranges from marketing, which can receive new and updated information on key requirements to build more and more targeted and efficient solutions, R&D, which can provide new stimulus-led inputs for the research activities and, above all, for the technical and commercial personnel in the region, which can convey the best Valagro solutions in an easier, more efficient manner.


In 2015 the strong customer orientation was also the motivation behind the adoption of an innovative service model, known as Valagro@yourservice. The aim of this model is to build a commercial relationship with all customers based on the ability to grow and improve together with Valagro.
In order to promote this co-operation and sharing of objectives, Valagro@yourservice offers a range of diversified services. Starting from the turnover and customer loyalty parameters, 4 different types of customers were identified - Standard, Silver, Gold and Platinum - corresponding to a different range of services.
The categorisation is a dynamic and incentivising process that is reviewed through an annual evaluation of the parameters used. This means that every year customers have the possibility of reaching a higher level with more comprehensive services.

We are happy to say that the market response to this innovative idea has been very positive, and now, just a short time after the creation of Valagro@yourservice, our top customers (i.e. Gold and Platinum customers) account for 5% of Valagro customers, but their total weight in the revenue for the Farm Unit is about 62%.
These numbers are set to grow thanks to the dynamics of the service model, which is ever more attentive to customer needs as well as customer centrality, which is a pillar of Valagro's vision.
Among the services offered by Valagro@yourservice,Valagro Academy deserves special attention.
Valagro Academy was created to support the provision of innovative and sustainable solutions with specialised, vocational training in the world of plant nutrition and biostimulants, focusing on how the Valagro specialties can improve crop performance, resulting in increased efficiency and sustainability in agriculture.
Thanks to the periodic involvement of the sales teams in training sessions centred on the world of plant nutrition and biostimulants, as well as specific needs and local experiences, customers can now receive highly competent technical support and up to date training on the world of biostimulants and plant nutrition.
The Valagro Academy initiative educates our customers on what our products are, how they work, and the best way to integrate products into a crop management system thus ensuring a good return on their investment. Valagro has pioneered this effort and we believe that brings us closer to our customers; an educated customer is our best customer.” – Prem Warrior, Valagro COO (source: Agribusiness.com)
In addition to the training, for the best customers Valagro Academy includes events that are intended to expand the company's technical and scientific know-how through the support of the marketing departments and sales team, and with the involvement of the Valagro Global R&D division, which will be assisted by researchers and experts from the field of academia and research.