Customer focus

Customer centrality is understood as the company's ability to forge long-term relationships with its clients and to work together to achieve positive market results based on meeting their specific requirements. It is a crucial asset for ensuring strong business relationships are formed, or, in other words, that company development is really sustainable over time.

In this direction, an important recognition of the value of relations with our customers is showed in the annual awarding of the Best Partner of the Year and Best Grower of the Year prizes, included in the business service model Valagro@yourservice, which aims at promoting a broader participation of clients and at motivating sharing and partnership compared to the traditional goals of sales and market strategies.

In particular, with the Best Partner of the Year, Valagro intends to reward those customers which, in the past year, saw the largest increased percentage in sales with particular reference to innnovative products recently introduced into the market.
Gildardo Arroyo Valdéz and Luis Alberto Arroyo Valdés di Agroquímica of Jacona, SA de C.V. receive the Best Partner award 2016 from Valagro Chairman Ottorino La Rocca. In 2016, Agroquímica di Jacona, SA de C.V. recorded an increase in turnover of 238%, linked in particular to the Valagro biostimulants such as VIVA®, ERGER® and MEGAFOL®, and to the sales of specialty nutrients such as FERRILENE TRIUM®.
With the Best Grower of the Year agricultural products are selected based on measuable and common parameters, in areas where the Valagro Group operates (distintly in Europe, Middle East, and Africa - EMEA, Americas and Asia-Pacific) together with Platinum distributors, and rewarded for their ability to promote Valagro solutions as best as possible.
Gazzola Farms – an Australian family firm founded in 1932 – chosen by Valagro and the exclusive distributor E.E. Muir &Sons Pty Ltd. received the Best Grower Asia Pacific 2016 award for the excellent results obtained with various crops, thanks to Valagro solutions, such as KENDAL®, MEGAFOL® and VIVA®.

Valagro Academy

Alongside the continuity of rewarding the best distributors and agricultural producers, we should also consider the excellent results recorded in 2016 by advanced technical training sessions held for the sales force and the technical structures of the main Valagro distributors at global level, as part of the Valagro Academy programme.

Valagro Academy is an innovative programme designed to promote the company’s expertise in the field of crop nutrition and biostimulants, and of how Valagro’s solutions can improve the performance of crops, benefiting efficiency and sustainability in agriculture.