Valagro and the value of its staff

In order to meet the challenges of the global market, the 2013-2015 three-year period was marked by the acquisition of new skills and professionalisms, with a progressive increase of the workforce at Valagro SpA and its foreign branches.

The strong global growth-oriented trend within the Group was fuelled by important new elements that emerged in the three-year period of reference, which once again redefined Valagro's identity. These include the establishment of Valagro Tarim, the new legal entity in Turkey, in 2013, and the decision to invest in the construction of a new production plant in Pirassununga, Brazil, in the state of São Paulo, the Group's first plant in the Americas. 2015 then saw the important acquisition of the Indian biopesticide company Sri Biotech Laboratories India Ltd., which has strengthened Valagro's presence in the Asian sub-continent and marked its entry into the new biocontrol market.

Being aware of the value played by human resources in fuelling this growth and international success, during the 2013-2015 period the HR department of the Valagro Group continued to promote specific programmes for evaluating the performance of Employees and developing their skills , as well as communication initiatives intended to promote seek out and hire new talented people.

Total group employees (as of December 31, 2015)

Valagro Spa242
Valagro Group358
Total group

Personnel Growth (as of December 31, 2015)

Rest of the world142161358

Valagro Spa data (as of December 31, 2015)

ManagersMiddle managersOffice workersManual workers
Men (number)11246671
Women (number)184813
Average age51.9546.283943.78
ManagersMiddle managersOffice workersManual workers
Work seniority < 2 years033812
Work seniority 2 < 5 years16274
Work seniority 6 < 12 years5122210
Work seniority > 12 years6112758
ManagersMiddle managersOffice workersManual workers
Permanent contract12329878
Fixed term contract00146
Part-time contract0020
Other types0000
ManagersMiddle managersOffice workersManual workers
Qualification: Degree1226816
Qualification: Secondary School062736
Qualification: Middle School00440
Other types0022
In addition, to promote the new, increasingly dynamic and global identity of the Valagro Group, a new organisational structure was implemented during 2013-15 to accompany the growth of the business worldwide, based on the strategic need to focus on specific customer requirements to provide truly effective solutions.

The new corporate structure includes new organisational roles dedicated to researching, assessing and managing interdepartmental growth projects. To this end, the role of Chief Operating Officer was created to provide a figure capable of guaranteeing increasingly convergent coordination of the Marketing and Research and Development departments, seeking out partnerships and opportunities for business development. In addition, the emergence of the role of Global Sales Director promoted the development of increasingly synergistic activities in the Farm, Garden and Turf and Industrials Sales, accelerating business growth.

The Global Strategic Business Management function was also implemented in 2015, reporting directly to the CEO and contributing to the definition of Group Business Planning and the management of innovation projects.

Assessing performance to grow and building capacity

Working in the Valagro Group means being part of a solid business with steady growth, and in which individual skills and competencies are enhanced and augmented by programmes dedicated to training, as well as by a stimulating professional environment where acting proactively is considered an added value. The training process is tied to business goals that dictate its priorities and content. Valagro continues to invest in training programmes that include modules directed towards both the improvement of technical and specialised training and the growth of managerial skills.


No. Total attendance in 2015No. hours training Totals 2015
Middle managers142670
Manual workers7381474
Office workers9075048
Organisation, Management and Control Model (L.D. 231/2001):325h training
Investment data 3 year trainingAnnual increase percentage
For everyone who enters the Group, there is an induction plan that accelerates knowledge of the culture and the organisational context, as well as the correct approach to processes, roles and responsibilities. Especially at the beginning of professional experience in the company, engagement and a correct vision of the Group is at stake, and this awareness is at the root of the care and attention paid by HR and management when welcoming newcomers on board.

Regarding the performance evaluation, in 2015 the Global HR department developed and implemented the GPMS, Group Performance Management System, for all the Employees of the group. This global system allows individual performance to be assessed systematically. The primary objective of the GPMS is to facilitate the employees in the pursuit of excellent performance, encouraging also a constructive dialogue between manager and employee. In addition, in the context of promoting the professional growth of human resources, GPMS is a tool that allows also employees to measure, year after year, the level of compentences and skills they show in achiving the goals yearly set. Together with the competences’ evaluation, GPMS includes a measurement of the attitudes that distinguish Valagro people: a positive approach, customer orientation, solution finding, active listening and an interest in sharing.

Employer branding projects

To continue its growth globally, Valagro needs talented people who can bring energy to fuel this development. To achieve this goal, it is fundamental to associate the company with image of the best employer, as a challenging and positive working environment that provides a place for valuable skills and competences for the labour market.

With this objective, in 2015 the HR department launched the project "Feed Your Future, Work with us", which includes a new online section dedicated to candidates, the adoption of social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) as a new channel for recruiting, and an innovative communications campaign based on video testimonials by 12 employees who talk about their career path within the company. The aim of this is to reach and attract candidates with a positive attitude, customer oriented and open-minded, that can generate new and innovative solutions. The HR department also promoted the launch of the Graduate Talent Program (GTP), the programme with which Valagro accompanies new graduates and PhD with excellent academic CVs and very good knowledge of English on a path towards personal and professional growth, in one of the corporate departments at the Headquarters or one of the Group's subsidiaries. In 18-24 months, the candidates have the opportunity to learn about the business dynamics, to work in team, to participate in innovative projects and launch their career in an international company. In recognition of the contribution that young talent can bring to the development of the company, if the candidate is assessed positively at the end of a 6 month internship, the GTP will offer an employment contract for the duration of the programme, with the goal of building the company's future, starting now.